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PROTIP: Run the obfuscator before clicking those buttons to share your generated story!

About Text Obfuscator

Text Obfuscator is a "Bad Translator" that uses an online translation service to translate your text into several randomly selected languages and then back to its original language.

You can control how often you want it to be translated - more iterations often lead to funnier but shorter results. Moreover, translating your story into more languages makes the process slower. For your convenience, Text Obfuscator automatically loads the story you last entered on each visit. By the way, you can share your result via social media by clicking one of the buttons above!

Why am I getting errors?

This page uses a free Google Translator API, which limits the amounts of requests allowed in a given time frame. Unfortunately, there's probably nothing I can do right now without switching to a paid service, so you'll have to wait a few minutes before trying again. I'll try to improve this in the future.